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If the Dark Were Permanent

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About me

Ok my you'd wanna read it though..
Real Name: Cadence Carver
Nickname: Cadie!
Age: 13....
Astrological Sign: Leo
Birthday: August 17th
Movie: Oh this is hard...Lord of the Rings!
Song(s): Dashboard Confessional~Vindicated, Trapt~Echo, Evanescence~Hello/Imaginary, In Flames~The Quiet Place, Lost Prophets~Fake Sound of Progress, Velvet Revolvers~Slither, POD~Will You
Band(s): Trapt, Dashboard Confessional, Evanescence, Lost Prophets and Velevet Revolvers
Actor: Ha another hard one...VIGGO Mortensen!
Actress: Kate Beckinsale and Keira Knightley is kewel too
Sport: Swimming and Volleyball
Game: any LOTR game, Clock Tower 3, Grand Theft Auto and True Crimes-the Streets of LA
Best Friend(s): Bridget DeStefano, Manda Stubbs, Jordan Pugh, Stephanie McKendrick and Julia Collett and Jenny White and Ginneh Barrett
Signifaicant others and why they're there:
                   Kelsey Byard: Always there...has been since...kindergarden or sumthing
                   Kai Butler: Oh i love Kai! She's soo awesome...known her since 6th grade and she's always there for you too-great for seeing movies with and agrees with me about some hott
                   Cheyenne Munsey: Aww Chey's always there for me too! Not to mention she acts more like a blonde than i do and she always makes me laugh...also awesome for seein movies with...
                   Danny Westendorff: I love Danny! He's sooo funny...always there to make me laugh...
                   Kristy Westendorff: Because she's totally awesome and i love her!
                   Andy Westendorff: Because he's totally awesome too and he's so nice to me....
                   Alex Rauf: Ok so she's my cousin, big deal! I still love her and she's awesome and she's always there for me to and she's a dork...a big she's an awesome writer too....
~*~Best Friends Section...part~*~
Bridget DeStefano- Born on Feb. 27th, 1990; Age: 14; Hair Colour: Brownish blondish; She's made me so outgoing...known her since 6th grade...she's soo kewel and i love her tons and tons...she's always there for me...::hugs::
Manda Stubbs- Born on July 6th, 1990; Age: 14; Hair Colour: She dyes it...can't be to shure anymore; She's one of my biggest friends into Anime and Manga. We love the same type of music and i think i've gotten her into grand theft auto and all its antics...Manda's always there to make me laugh...and stare out the window at nothing in the car...what a dork...
Jordan Pugh-Born on April 28th, 1991; Age: 13; Hair Colour: Blonde; I looooove my Husband!! She's the bomb...she, like Manda, ish also into Anime and Manga. She got me into Chobits and DN Angel and a lot of other stuff....yeah like Trigun...VASH!! Yay...i love jordan...she's soooo funny and great...and she's sooo adorable! Her picture ish in the next area of this is manda's...bridget's will be soon once i transfer it from ze camera
Stephy McKendrick-Born on September 5th, 1990; Age: 13; Hair Color: Ditry Blonde; Stephy soooo rules!! I love her!! LoL...completely obsessed with Johnny Depp...and i totally love her for it too...

Ewww bad picture

Of course me hair is shorter now

My Friends!

Manda Stubbs

Kelsey Byard
And the EEVILL monkey man named gregory

Jordan meh lovely Husband!
Isn't she cute? ::hugs::

Isn't he so...^^

Eric Eaton
He's soooo adorable!